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Welcome to 老虎水果游戏机Seed – the complete seed service





The complete seed service!


We are one of the leading seed merchants in the UK. We offer a nationwide service through our network of knowledgeable sales agents and distributors supported by our enthusiastic team here in Suffolk.  We supply both agricultural and amentity seed throughout the UK.  Our portfolio includes a large range of Forage Maize, Maize for energy, AD Maize, 老虎水果游戏机 Maize,  Fodder Beet, Swede, Stubble Turnips, Kale, Forage and energy rye, Fodder Crops. Clearfield Oilseed Rape, Winter and Spring Oilseed rape, Wheat, Linseed, Sunflowers,  Cover crops, Lawn seed, Grass Seed, Environmental seed, Bird mixtures, Buffer strips, Pollen and nectar mixes for countryside stewardhsip schemes.  We offer a range of clamp products including SiloStop, Silosolve, Secure Covers. Placment fertilisers include Maxi Maize, Efficent 28 and Umostart. Our triumph grass range offers mixtures for cutting leys, grazing leys, dual purpose leys, but also specific leys for poulty and horse paddocks. Please give us a call if you cant find what your looking for as we can source almost any seed. 


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